premeditated shootings

         Tom Peck, Photographer

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This movement gives me a little

distortion that evokes this feeling of fleeting anynymity.  I achieve

this effect in the camera

without Photoshop manipulation.

For me this series of impressionistic portraits captures the unique

diversity, transience and uneasy closeness of  NYC subway riders.

      Close Encounters:  The Subway Series

     Upon entering the NYC subway one places oneself very close to a random and anonyous collection of people.

Some menacing and some benign. Some intense and some distant.

It’s a unique, intimate close encounter.

     I started shooting this series in 2005.

None of the people in this series were aware they were being photographed, even though my camera, in my lap, 

was only a few feet away. ( In NYC,

this is a somewhat  risky undertaking)

I wait until  the person moves or the

subway car moves to take the picture.